Kudakwashe K. Nhevera was born on the 8th of February 1991 in the small town of Kadoma in Zimbabwe. He grew up in Harare before moving to South Africa due to the deteriorating political and economic conditions in Zimbabwe. He now lives and works in Johannesburg. The love and support of his parents, who are with him in South Africa, fuels his ardent love of art.

Kuda’s passion for art began at a very young age. Art greatly fascinated him as a child, and he would often study the portrait artists working at his local shopping centres. Due to his humble beginnings, he was unfortunately unable to feed his desire to explore painting during his childhood.

While he was still in school, he loved to draw famous people and spent many hours bent over his sketch pad. These hours of pure joy, along with strong encouragement from his friends and family, kept him determined to pursue a career in art.

At the age of 19, Kuda decided to further his skills and started painting. Because he had never been exposed to a wide variety of art, creating art with skilled and professional artists is a wonderful experience to him. Through this, his talent was discovered. He is deeply interested in original realistic art, and enjoys the challenge of creating life-like portraits and landscapes. He is meticulous about creating original realistic renderings and continually strives to better himself and his artwork.

Kudakwashe Photo
Kudakwashe K. Nhevera